Nick- Bass/ Synth Bass & Vocals

Nick was exposed to music from a very early age, and it took root quickly. His mother and grandfather both played piano, and he could quickly and easily identify songs and artists on the radio as a toddler. Fast forward to age 18, when he picked up his first instrument, bass, on a friend’s recommendation. They planned to start a band, but it never materialized. A few years later, he did join his first band, and after playing live, he knew this was something that would be part of his life forever. After stints in several other groups, some successful, some not so much, Nick joined LDNL in early 2012. Although originally a sub, he quickly became a permanent member after proving his worth to the other guys in the band. His timing, groove and dance moves, not to mention his occasional forays into rapping, all accentuate the live performance the band is known for.